Fun Facts About Tor's Free eBooks Authors, Part 3

Photography: John Pastor

This is the last entry in this short series about the authors featured at Tor’s Freebies Bonanza.

Here’s part 1 and part 2.


In the Garden of Iden – Science Fiction – Book 1 of a Series
by Kage Baker

A long series with an incredible amount of books about time-traveling cyborgs who work for a villain—and he’s already won the battle of good and evil (I mean, he can send cyborgs traveling through time). A free audio book of a novella set in this world is available from Subterranean Press.

In the Midnight Hour – Fantasy – Book 1 of a Series
by Patti O’Shea

Sometimes the desire of getting published pushes would-be-pro-writers over the edge. Patti tells you why you shouldn’t.

Battlestar Galactica – Science Fiction – TV Series Novelization
by Jeffrey A. Carver

It’s hard to do a great novelization, but he manages it. His site is full of fun things like Jeaves’ (an AI featured in his other books) treatise on Faith and Writing, links to his short stories online, and some unusually sage writing advice.

Flash – Science Fiction – Stand-alone
by L.E. Modesitt, Jr.

He thinks an awful lot about society, government, economics, etc. One of the few writers who discuss these aspects in detail on their blogs (actually, one of the few bloggers to do it intelligently as well).

Soul – Science Fiction – Stand-alone
by Tobsha Learner

She’s got a video about her work, bibliography, and inspiration. She starts talking about Soul at the 2:10 mark.

Darkness of the Light – Fantasy – Stand-alone
by Peter David

He’s done lots and lots and lots of stuff, from TV episodes to adaptations to novels to comics. He’s also been blogging since ’02. Interesting entreis of late include how he proposed to his wife at the Adventurer’s Club and the twenty best ass-kickings in movies.

Three Shadows – Fantasy – Stand-alone Graphic Novel
by Cyril Pedrosa

He has a guest blog entry over at FirstSecond Books named There’s No Such Thing as a Graphic Novel, where he talks about comic books and the language of sequential art.

And that’s the last of the lot. Whew. It’s a lot of work stalking researching authors and suchlike, but also very informative. I’ve found quite a few treasured links I’ll be visiting back (right now the StarRigger site sticks in my head) and probably downloading to my Kindle.

… yikes, I need to put that 8GB flash card into my little Kindle soon…