Shadow Unit Bootleg eBook: Ready for Download

We have, I think, a winner at long last.

I’m a dedicated soul, so this wasn’t a straight rip-and-burn, so to speak. You’ll find that the hyperlinked nature of the original Shadow Unit site has been preserved.

Some Kindle screenshots below the cut (more available from the preview yesterday).

You can download the 1.5MB .PRC file here:

Shadow Unit Season 1

This format is edible to your Kindle or other Mobipocket-enabled reader.

Clicky to embiggen. (Yeah, yeah, I know, install Lightbox already….)

You can now actually see the title at the top of the cover.

Formatting of the table of contents is now more elegant.

Links to images now work, as the images are now embedded in their own HTML pages.

An agent information page, from website to Kindle.

Because it can be confusing to use the “Back” button on the Kindle versus the “Previous Page” button, every extra/egg/etc has a link back to its parent page (or multiple parent pages).

And last, but not least (and certainly not last in the eBook) is the title page.

No, I have no ePub at the moment, and no current plans to. Good news though: the next generation of Mobipocket reader and creator will allow ePub creation. And the reader itself is already pretty advanced with ePub reading.

Shadow Unit Season 1

12 thoughts on “Shadow Unit Bootleg eBook: Ready for Download

  1. Incredible. At the point where I’m flaming at publishing houses to publish to the Kindle, you give me something fun – free on my Kindle. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  2. You’re all quite welcome. This was a fun and educational experience as well. A win all around.

    Plus now… Shadow Unit on my Kindle!

  3. I got here from Bear’s LJ. I really want to thank you for this. I don’t do well reading lots of text on my laptop monitor, but I downloaded this and can read it on my Palm TX — and now I’m hooked. Thanks again

  4. Hey, I’m trying to download this file, and it isn’t the full size listed (Much smaller
    than 1 MB) and when I try to open it, it is marked as corrupted. Help?

  5. Hello Kate,

    I don’t have a problem downloading it myself. I wonder if it’s some kind of IE 7 problem? Anyways, if you want me to email the file to you, I can definitely do that—it is relatively big (1.53 MB) for an email, although it’s not huge, but I wanted to make sure you’d like it to come through that way. :)

  6. Is S1 only available in mobi format? I have a reader now (the Sony 300), so I’m peering into the future of publishing. I’m on a Mac, which may prove to be a bit limiting in the ereader world. But there is much fun research ahead of me!

  7. Right now S1 only available in Mobi. There’s a piece of software called calibre that may help you convert the Mobipocket for the Sony Reader:

    Calibre is, in fact, totally geared towards the Sony Reader and should help make the Mac/Sony Reader experience better. Also the author is very helpful and there are frequent updates (that don’t break stuff, which is the best kind of frequent updates).

    I use calibre in converting material to LRS, for older Sony Readers, although these days I roll the EPUB by hand.

    Full seasons of Shadow Unit are very daunting to convert :) thus I haven’t gotten around to converting S1 to EPUB (and thence to all the other formats I usually feature). Y’all write too much!

  8. It’s Bear and Emma! They are writing fools.

    Calibre doesn’t work with the latest version of OSX, but I’ll borrow a machine that it will work on and post an update when S1’s available in more formats. Thanks for the pointers!

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