From the eBookery: Right Ho, Jeeves!

Thoughts on Psmith: he’s alright, but really shines once you get into Psmith, Journalist in 1915.

Then in 1915 was born the brilliant character of Jeeves, who has since become iconic. It’s even arguable that Jeeves can be considered an archetype by now, albeit probably after a couple of beers.

Here’s the earliest second-earliest Jeeves novel, Right Ho, Jeeves, in Mobipocket format, edible to your Kindle or other Mobipocket-compatible reader. Remember, P. G. Wodehouse’s novels and stories are still in copyright in some countries, such as Canada and Britain, but the copyright has expired in still other countries, such as the U.S. Check before you download.

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And in case you wanted to explore the best Psmith as well, here’s the download link for Psmith, Journalist:

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