Cleaning Out the Library

Ever since I got my Kindle I’ve been re-buying my library (at least, where applicable), so I’ve started clearing out the books from my actual library to donate to the local library. I tend to treat my books kindly, and recently I’ve bought the hardbacks whenever possible. I also have a bunch of ARCs ((Advanced Reading Copy)) that I’ve accumulated and since bought, and I need to figure out what to do with them. I can’t legally sell them.

Right now, it’s very odd to look at my shelves and realize how much space is taken up by my physical books. There are a lot of dead trees represented here.

A small sampling of things I’ve rebought on my Kindle whose physical presences are getting donated to my library, or donated to doctor’s offices or wherever:

The Wizard Knight by Gene Wolfe

Book One: The Knight
Book Two: The Wizard

I love the main narrator of these books. The Knight is just wonderful reading.

Pirate Freedom by Gene Wolfe

Arrr. Gene Wolfe does a pirate story. It’s very good, by the way. I got this as an ARC, and loved it.

Almost Every Terry Pratchett Book

Every Discworld book, including the YAs like The Wee Free Men.

For the Johnny trilogy, the Kindle Store currently has 2 of 3: Only You Can Save Mankind and Johnny and the Dead. I have an omnibus edition, so I’ll be donating that once Johnny and the Bomb is Kindled.

All John Scalzi Books

Yup, they’re all there now.

The Avram Davidson Treasury by Avram Davidson

This is a big book, actually. A big book of amazing. I hope someone is inspired by it as I was.

I’ve also got The Other Nineteenth Century on my Kindle, though never in paper form.

A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R.R. Martin

Yes, that clears out 75% of a shelf alone. Pratchett did better, though, at 2.5 shelves.

Soon I Will Be Invincible: A Novel by Austin Grossman

Got this as an ARC. Loved it.

All of Neil Gaiman

I love his stuff to tiny pieces. From what I see around and abouts, The Graveyard Book should be available in the Kindle store on date of release.

Every Greg Rucka Book

One of the few thriller authors I like. He’s very good.

The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

I don’t have all of them, but I have most of the later ones.

The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

My favorite work-is-getting-me-down Lovecraftian science fiction salary man book to read.

EVIL GENIUS by Catherine Jinks

Great YA book about a boy who gets to go to Evil Genius school. Many interesting and vile things occur. I’m hoping that Genius Squad comes out on Kindle soon.

Now, things I really wish were on the Kindle so I can scuttle them off my shelves:

  • Harry Potter series (almost one shelf alone!)
  • The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings
  • Every book by Roger Zelazny
  • All YA books by Heinlein
  • Every book by Liz Williams

“But what about all your shelf space?”

That’s where the graphic novels and gigantic annotated Sherlock Holmes books currently residing on the floor will go.

They’re also not going to be doing electronic ARCs any time soon.

3 thoughts on “Cleaning Out the Library

  1. Wow, that shows serious commitment to Kindle (I didn’t even know what that was until last week), that you’re willing to dump the paper versions of things. I think even if I had Kindle – and I’m all for it – I’d keep everything I already had in dead tree form. Look: here is that paperback I read on the beach in 1974! Here’s the leather-bound boxed edition of The Hobbit that John gave me before we got married! And that’s before we get into signed copies and limited editions and rare books that will never be reissued in any form.

    On the other hand, this house is overflowing with books….


  2. Ah, see, these are just normal books here. The special ones, signed and specially annotated or whatnot, will rest in the now clear shelves comfortably, as opposed to having an admittedly protective roof of random books resting on top.

    When the books on the floor got to mid-calf-height I knew I needed to do something….

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