Project #46: In 969 the Reizei dynasty ended in Japan

I slashed 858 words and added 969. The plot is on slightly less shaky ground now, although now there’s more things to take care of.

4240 / 50000

I’ve had to create a wiki to keep track of various things. Not something I’ve had to do before. Where will this all lead to? I have no idea, but then, I started with no ideas.

Some new text:

“Generally I believe that favor is on my side, since changing all the letterheads and records and of course our registration in the Aerial Commonwealth is rather an expense; you’d be surprised. Most people are.”

The next place to go is not yet truly decided for me. I thought it was one way, then I thought another way, and now I’ve changed my mind again. I suspect only in the rewrites will I be able to tell the difference. Le sigh.