New on Kindle: Kelly Link’s Magic for Beginners

From Boing Boing:

Kelly Link just released her second book, Magic for Beginners, online for a year under the Creative Commons license. 2 of the 9 stories aren’t included due to contractual agreements but this is huge news because two giant companies, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (who published it in paperback) and HarperPerennial (who published the UK edition) have agreed to take a chance and be a part of the CC movement.

You can find PDF, RTF, HTML, and TXT formats on Small Beer Press’s official page.

I created a version from the HTML for my hungry Kindle, and now it can also be devoured by your Kindle or other Mobipocket-compatible reader:

Magic for Beginners

For some reason, even though I’m really, really zombied-out ((and pirated-, and werewolf-ed, and vampired-out, and it’d have to be a really good story to not make me twitch anymore if you involve any of these)) I rather like “Some Zombie Contingency Plans.”