Version 1.0: How I NaNoWriMo

In October/November/December, you can see the NaNoWriMo guide link at the very top of the page.

The title’s not quite accurate, since the guide involves quite a few links, but they’re links I use. (Sometimes to procrastinate, granted, especially in the case of the generators.) Highlights include:

  • The elusive and official Permission to Write Badly Certificate
  • 10 NaNoWriMo Do’s and Don’ts
  • Link to the only NaNoWriMo book I ever needed (and it’s free), NaNoWriMo for the New and Insane
  • Writing speed test
  • Neil Gaiman’s awesome pep talk last year
  • Generators of everything

At all times, you can reach the page at .

Hope this helps folks. Some of these links I remembered, but couldn’t find without some serious Googling and forum searching.