How to Tell You've Been Buying From Amazon a "Bit Much" (in the British Sense)

  1. When you balance your budget ((Better than what the government’s doing.)) in Squirrel ((Well, it’s okay so far, and it’s cheap, and it’s better than most free finance applications out there, and I need to budget, so y’know….)) , your Amazon purchases end up in a category by themselves.

  2. Your last $100 purchase was free. This was because you had four $25 Amazon Visa Cashback bonus gift certificates to use. ((Not that they’re hard to get, but I rack them up pretty quickly. Very quickly, so sayeth an Amazon friend of mine.))

  3. Your Amazon friend describes the employee discount program to you. You would run it out in less than two months.

  4. The subscription fee for Amazon Prime still dwarfs the amount of shipping you pay in emergencies (friend’s kids’ birthdays ((I really, really don’t remember these very well.)), Christmas, the next George R.R. Martin book ((For some reason I never know in enough time.)), Christmas, ah, Christmas) so technically you save money with it.

  5. The birthday presents you send to your friends’ kids merit the question “Why does Aunt AJ always send gifts wrapped in green paper?” or worse, “Why do Aunt AJ’s presents always arrive in those smiling cardboard boxes?”

  6. You get lost in your own local grocery store because you buy all your groceries from Amazon in bulk. You even buy perishables (not in bulk). ((Amazon Fresh; I pick it up on the Seattle side and walk to the ferry. Weirdly, it’s actually better than what I pick from the local grocery store myself. Probably because I suck at choosing tomatoes.))

  7. Someone mentions a book they liked to you, and perhaps even let you read a bit of it. You thank them, and then in the next five minutes you have your own copy in your Kindle. This happens a lot. ((The Geography of Bliss, Free Range Chickens, The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable, Jitterbug Perfume, My Stroke of Insight, RailsSpace))

  8. You have run up a big Kindle tab (if Amazon kept tabs) with increased impulse buys. And it’s still cheaper than last year, even if you buy all the new Kindle editions at more or less $10 each. ((So you’ve been buying from Amazon a bit much in previous years, too….))

  9. You have a blog that discusses an Amazon service/product in detail (Kindle, anyone?) and also for some reason answer customer service-style questions over email from folks.

  10. You are writing a list like this. Or you’re nodding your head along with every other item.

    Welcome to the world of Addicted to Amazon. Your local stores probably miss you. ((Wal*mart likely doesn’t count.))

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