Video Highlights from Election '08: This Week in Blackness #9 – Obama Waffles

What a gift YouTube has been to this election.

The political blogosphere is crazy right now. Fatalistic, perhaps, but sometimes that just puts the crazy in bas-relief. It’s been a very memorable run-down towards November 4th, and these are some of my favorite videos along the way.

One of my favorite YouTube series, This Week in Blackness, released its first episodes during the tumultuous times in August through, well, now. So they were around to cover the notorious Obama Waffles. Dealing with racism is always a difficult topic, but Elon James White does it like comedy usually does—saying things up front in ways that make you laugh. And think.

TWiB covers the Obama Waffles scandal better than most:

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Major hat tip to neutronjockey.