Video Highlights from Election '08: Quadruple Play with Stewart and Colbert

The Daily Show and the Colbert Report don’t just have a following on YouTube (which clips and displays and shares and loves them both), but Comedy Central also provides online videos themselves—embeddable and all that. I’ll share with you four of my favorite clips:

Daily Show: McCain Returns to Washington

Jon Stewart covers the days before and the days after John McCain stood up David Letterman, revealing more behind the story than most of the “real media” would dare to say. As per the usual.

Favorite quote:

By the way, we’ve just heard about 10 minutes ago that the [bailout] is falling apart. So in between them accepting the deal and the deal falling apart… Senator John McCain came back to Washington.

The Daily Show: 10,000 McCainiacs

Remember all the fanatical and scary rallies that the McCain campaign encouraged and, at least on McCain’s part, seriously regretting? Oh, right, those haven’t gone away yet. I’m not sure when they’ll go away. Anyways, Jon Stewart’s got the goods:

Favorite bit:

If you’ve raised the monster to fear and despise fire, it’s awfully hard to convince the monster that fire can also be used in cooking…. [cuts to the aftermath of McCain telling his rally that Obama is a decent man, which is not pretty]

Colbert Report: The Word – Fantasyland

Not to be outdone (indeed, never to be outdone, at least not for very long), Stephen Colbert, in one of his best “The Word” segments, dissects the threat of ACORN:


McCain clip: We need to know the extent of Senator Obama’s relationship with ACORN…

Colbert: And we need to know it soon. Because if there’s nothing there, we’d like another week and a half to find something good.


And we all know that the fabric of democracy is very fragile. Because it is made out of the founding fathers’ pantyhose.

Really, there’s so much to like about this particular Word. Colbert covers the Help America Vote Act, what ACORN does, what actually counts as voter fraud, and also that John McCain was keynote speaker at one of ACORN’s conventions.

Colbert Report: John McCain’s Big Prank

Oh, and remember the time he picked Sarah Palin?

Really, it’s hard to quote from Steward and especially Colbert, because the delivery (not just body, but voice) is very much a part of both the information and the humor. (Of course, humor is information, so…)

Sometimes you need to go to the fake media to get the real news.