A Kindle Advent Calendar


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When you think about it, many holidays at this time of year, across the world, have a magical element to them. Santa and all his international clones, his flying reindeer and contingent of elves at the North Pole, making impossible numbers of visits during the turning of midnight across the globe. The Three Magi following the Bethlehem star across the desert, which is mystic enough at night. Blessings from the mystical Tzaddik that may miraculously occur during Hanukkah.

And yet it’s incredibly difficult to find Fantasy and Science Fiction holiday stories, much less those that can be placed on the Kindle, for free or from the Kindle Store. Nevertheless, I’ve managed to hunt down 25 that actually fit into the FSF category, plus a little more.

So! A new, Calendar summary post will move forwards, linking back to Advent posts for this month.

Photography: revjim

Here’s the deal:

  • Some of this will be free on the web.
  • For the ones in the public domain, or that have Creative Commons Attribute Derivatives Allowed licenses, I’ll prepare a Mobipocket that can be transferred to your Kindle.
  • For the other free stuff available on the web, I’ll link to their page.
  • For non-free items, it’s limited to the Kindle Store and Webscriptions for now.

I realize I’m late to this game, at times later today I’ll be adding the first four count-down articles, updating this one appropriately. I’m caught up now.

Merry holidays.