Kindle Advent Calendar: Day 8 – Hogfather

Hogfather, UK cover

by Terry Pratchett
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Many people remember Neil Gaiman as the mythopoeic author, but that’s a well that Terry Pratchett also dabbles in from time to time. Nowhere is this more apparent than with Hogfather, an exploration of the myth of Santa Claus through the veil of medieval-SF fantasy Discworld.

The Discworld version of Santa Claus is the Hogfather, a jolly old man who retains more close ties to his roots than real world adults might be comfortable with ((I don’t think real world children would have a problem. Remember the Brothers Grim.)), for this man has both a belly like a bowl full of jelly, but also tusks and dark eyes. Regardless, he brings children toys every year in a sled pulled by six boars.

And someone has murdered the fat man. And the world is going to end.

What better time for Susan Sto Helit, the granddaughter of Discworld superstar Death, to step in?

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