Kindle Advent Calendar: Day 4 – Chip Crockett's Christmas Carol

Photographer: Alex Steffler

Chip Crockett’s Christmas Carol
by Elizabeth Hand
SCIFiction: OriginalKindle-friendly ((The Kindle-friendly version is NOT hosted on my site; this is a CGI script that filters the more annoying framing HTML from the story text. You can still save the filtered HTML and convert it for your Kindle (with some help from Amazon). And remember: don’t distribute this thing.))

Unlike yesterday’s short-short, today is an entire novella, originally serialized at A modern day Christmas Carol in Washington, D.C. that isn’t a crass carbon-copy or sickeningly sweet carries the day here, and is one of the best Christmas tales around.

The Kindle-friendly version compiles all 8 parts into one long page, so it’ll take a couple seconds to load. This is one you’ll want to save off and send off to <your kindle name> .

If you prefer to be on the web when reading this, LiveJournal has a less eye-ripping-out version than the archives.

You can also buy a hardcover of this novella alone, or the collection in which it appears, Bibliomancy, though both of these are getting really hard to find and very expensive to buy.

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