Linkage from Caught in the Carousel

Caught in the Carousel, a music review website, has a Best of 2008 feature listing, among other things, Lyn Dungan’s Top Ten Short Stories You Can Read Online (In No Particular Order). They’re all fantasy/science fiction stories, with more of the fantasy than the soft/hard space SF.

Among them are gems like Shadow Unit (Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette, Will Shetterly; artist Amanda Downum; technicomania, Stephen Shipman), A Water Matter (Jay Lake), Tideline (Elizabeth Bear’s Hugo-award winning short story). Stuff from places like, Strange Horizons, Subterranean Press, Clarkesworld Magazine, Asimov’s, and Shadow Unit ((Which will soon enter its second season. I shall have to figure out what to do about eBooks for it.)).

And like. You know. A story of mine, which is published nowhere because it was written for an online blog chain thingamajig ((Hey, thingamajig doesn’t come up as a misspelling on Firefox’s dictionary….)), Kokoro no O-Notsu. ((Also published nowhere because I never felt it was strong enough to be published.))

It’s very, very strange to be listed in exalted company. ((I am not worthy. My closest link to any of these folks is that I received free magnetic poetry from Cherie Priest, who had outgrown them. And I’m a better cause than the dump.)) Mostly I just write little pieces for, because the fiction writing, it is hard ((At some point I want to separate my short fiction from the rest of Fictional Derivations, but I am just too embarrassed by my fiction writing (though I am more embarrassed about the writing “advice” and I mostly want to throw away pretty much… all of that site).)). (Review writing is hard for me, too, but trust me: less hard than fiction.) But there it is. ((I am really not worthy, and will keep that in mind.))

Thanks, Lyn!

Oh, and by the way, my posting frequency is down because of (a) my work, which is a wee bit more demanding though not as bad as during the holidays, (b) the reading, which is directly related to (c) the writing, or at least attempts at writing, reviews for I’m trying to turn up the output, and right now my brain is full. ((And now I will go hide. Yes, performance reviews are fun when you’re my manager.

“I really did nothing.”
“You participated in a project that saved the company $45 million.”
“Well, if you divided that amongst all of us involved, that comes out to like less than $200,000 each.”

See, I truly know the meaning of my mediocrity. Everyone else just doesn’t see it because apparently I’m good at hiding my ineptitude and I happen to catch a free ride in the back of the pickup truck and there’s some sort of messed up minor karma because of my horrible childhood, which by the way, nobody should ever wish for a horrible childhood. Gods that sounds like a horrible cliche. Anyways, sometimes bagels and cream cheese mixed with roasted tomatoes appear out of nowhere.

Must go see to the BBQ sauce now.))