Quick: Kindle 2.0 Information

The Kindle product page has these immortal lines:

If you have previously placed an order for Kindle 1, and have not yet received it, your order will automatically be upgraded to Kindle 2. You need to do nothing.

Special Opportunity for Kindle 1 Owners
Even though we’ve increased our manufacturing capacity, we want to be sure our original Kindle owners are first in line to receive Kindle 2. Place your Kindle 2 order by midnight PST on February 10th and you will receive first priority.

Testimonies from Kindle 1.0 owners:

Why I want one:

  1. Better images, faster display! Bring on the real covers.
  2. Waaaay more storage built-in, no SD card required.
  3. It can read to you! I actually do want this. It’s not ever going to be a Neil Gaiman or Stephen Colbert, but sometimes I want my hands free to do something else, like laundry.
  4. Navigation no longer in one dimension (up-and-down) but in two (up/down/left/right)! This is really nice, especially for web browsing.
  5. More coverage! I’m already covered, but when traveling, I like to be able to shop.
  6. Whispersync between my old and my new Kindle!
  7. Better buttons. Much better buttons.
  8. USB-chargeable! (Also traditional chargeable).
  9. More secure in its case! Yes, totally, yes, please!

And also: drop test video!


2 thoughts on “Quick: Kindle 2.0 Information

  1. Love your website!

    I totally fell for their first-in-line for Kindle 2 thing, and ordered one, while selling my first one on eBay :)


  2. Thanks, Mike!

    I’m still hanging onto my Kindle 1.0 :) I’m rather fond of it and its odd squished trapezoidal shape, but I’ve also got the 2.0 coming.

    It’s going to be slightly awkward, having two Kindles around….

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