Dear Webscriptions: Please Sort by Release/Publication Date

Look, I know my blog and my little “New on Kindle” columns mean about zip to you, even though I include books, when I can, that can be bought outside of the Kindle store. That includes you, Webscriptions.

But can you please come up with a “sort by publication date” for your catalog? Especially since that information is included in every book title you have.


Because at the moment, it’s really difficult for me to come up with a list of your new releases on a regular basis, because all you can give me is “the last three months of new books sorted by alphabetical title” which is not helpful for week-by-week updates. Your news feed also doesn’t announce most of your book releases; I’ve seen them happen on the sly, such as the “Best Of” anthologies for Michael Swanwick and Jack McDevitt.

If you think this request is just because I don’t want to do a little hard work, consider this: I currently spend a few days every week going through 200 or so new books ((Obviously only a small number are SF/Fantasy; I go through the entire catalog for publishers who don’t split their Kindle books into separate imprints.)) in the Kindle store to try to locate all the SF/Fantasy publishers and filter out all the noise. I pay special attention to over 50 publishers and imprints in the Kindle store at this point and try to find more to add. But even for all that effort, “New on Kindle” would be impossible without “sort by release date” in the Amazon Kindle store.

And yes, publishers should responsibly announce their ebook releases, and the fact that they don’t is annoying as well, but I’d think a web store would be interested in this kind of thing.

That’s all.