Apologies for Not Posting; Have Been Trying to Live

I got slammed with a nasty virus, and its complications will probably be pneumonia if I don’t sleep and rest up. Of course, I still have work and no personal days, so I have put most of my energy there and have had no energy here.

Now: why I get sick so often. Because I never got a chicken pox vaccination (this was before there was one available) and one of the complications was pneumonia. ((and apparently shingles, which are evil all by themselves)) Ever since then I get sick very often during cold/flu season; have gone down with pneumonia twice more, and nearly died the third time; and nowadays when I get sick I end up spending an inordinate amount of time trying, as they say, to live.

Making Light has an excellent post on why we vaccinate. Apparently there is also a pneumonia vaccine, which I’m going to see if I can get at some point.

And we hope to bring you posts next week.

2 thoughts on “Apologies for Not Posting; Have Been Trying to Live

  1. Glad to hear you are still alive; I hope you are feeling human soon.

    Also wanted to let you know my Kindle 2 shipped at at 1:17 this am out of Kentucky. I am really looking forward to it. Thank you for being a force to get me into it from sticking with Mobipocket on my Palm tx.

  2. Thanks! I feel much better today, but I’m probably going to take a “Real Day Off” if it’s possible to get another day of sleep before launching into (a gentle reintroduction) work again.

    I’m glad to hear that your Kindle is Shipping Now! And I’m glad I helped you out. :)

    My Kindle is still a little bit back in the queue of a gazillion Kindles being shipped out right now. I don’t mind, since apparently I’m near one of, well, the epicenters of Kindle construction.

    Here’s to the Kindle 2. And don’t forget to watch tonight’s Daily Show, where Jeff Bezos and his Kindle are the guests!

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