Shadow Unit Bootlegs: Season 2 Extras #8 and #9

The two most recent DVD extras, #8 (“Truth”) and #9 (“Misadventure”) are now available in the Season 2 Extras pack.

UPDATE: The Kindle/Mobipocket link has been fixed.

If you’re on an iPhone, you’ll want to use the link provided in the Stanza Library page instead.

6 thoughts on “Shadow Unit Bootlegs: Season 2 Extras #8 and #9

  1. OT, but the comments were closed on the old posts:

    I’ve redone the Journey to the West e-books as an eReader file, since I prefer eReader to Mobi (I find it searches faster and has a more intuitive interface on my Palm TX); would you like a copy to host along with the others?

    Thanks again for posting those, by the way.

  2. Kate, sure! By the way, what did you use to convert to eReader? I know converting from eReader can be a headache and a half, but converting to I thought was maybe half a headache.

    Email the file to my email address on the contact page if you like.

    And you’re welcome.

  3. I take HTML, run a handmade search & replace routine on it in NoteTab Pro to turn the HTML into PML, and then run it through DropBook. Inelegant, but I am not a computer science type, and it works for me.

  4. Cool!

    I can probably script that in the future (and actually, it probably is already scripted out there). Ah, PML, you bring back memories of troff.

    Thanks for the file, it’s now up!

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