Hmmm. Money and Fiction.

Over at Jeremiah Tolbert’s blog, I made a rather inept comment on his recent post about how spending too much time revising short fiction can cut your time/benefit ratio. Especially in terms of making money from writing.

I said that fiction (as in all of it) shouldn’t be depended upon for making money, and that marketing copy and non-fiction do it much better.

Well, marketing copy and non-fiction very often do do it much better. But as Nick Mamatas points out, selling short fiction to decent markets can also cover the bills—though he also points out that novels are perhaps not the best ROI, strictly speaking, if we’re going to be concerned about keystroke time versus money.

So, don’t short-change short fiction. And be smart about your markets. (After all, there are quite a lot of non-fiction markets that don’t pay very well, including most blogging positions. ((Note: pays well.)))