A Week Mostly Off From Posting Due to Incoherency

Right now there are quite a lot of things I’m angry about.

The recent Kindle kerfluffle actually isn’t one of them.

Well. Unless you count getting angry because people assume I’m stupid and/or evil for not taking the line of outrage and being certain that Amazon won’t do this again. I’ve studied the company for quite some time, and while I’m aware they aren’t innocent, they have a strong interest in self-preservation.

I also know people who work there.

I know the love that goes on in there that people outside sometimes don’t see, and which is sometimes obscured by mistakes. Developers tend to wield a lot of power inside Amazon, both to screw up and to make sure that the screw-ups don’t happen again.

Google is the same way, except even more so, which is why I’m also certain that the much-discussed book settlement (which also makes me angry in, again, unpopular ways) was a result of geekery mistakes.

It’s useless for me to go on, because the only way to “prove” I’m not a sockpuppet for either Amazon or Google (or, in some cases, Microsoft) is to expose sources. And that is, rightfully so, an unforgivable offense in both the blogging and fandom worlds. And journalism, if I recall correctly.

Other things upsetting me so: the current ReaderCon hubbub. Some of the Hugo Awards backbiting going on.

The Sotomayor hearings, my gods, the Sotomayor hearings. Some of the news recently where people are saying, “Look, there’s a black president, so the racism ‘excuse’ is a ship that’s sailed.” (Scare quotes added by yours truly.) And of course #iranelection.

And may I also mention that running into RAH’s The Sixth Column has more or less left me in a sort of rage. Try finding some older editions of that fuck-up to see what I mean. I don’t blame RAH… much… but Campbell? Another story. In the story, said of the hero: “He may have been a yellow man, but he was white inside”? Really? Really?!

Gods, I hate older SF so, so much. And no, it doesn’t help to know that this was the ’40’s so it was “OK” then. It really, really doesn’t. Go read Johnny and the Bomb some time if you don’t know why anyone should feel that way.

That’s unhelpfully feeding back, by the way, into my upset about ReaderCon. “You must be young or possibly foreign.”

I’m sure none of this should really anger me, but look, I share the same birthday as Harry Potter, and I have a hard time dealing with thinking about the date except in circumspect terms, and of course I’ve walked into another mental trap of “I’ll be okay! Surely I’ve run out of angst and what are possibly fladhbacks after Father’s Day!! And July 4th was just a little bit bad!!! What could possibly go wrong as I approach the end of the month?! Surely I don’t need to see anybody about these little twitches!!!!”

Also “minor” food poisoning since Sunday.

Really, it’s been a great week. Don’t tell me the day.

And yes. Going to try to talk to my psychiatrist. Or phone. Or something.