And Now, Some Ancient Asian Powah Skin Care Tips and Products

Dedicated to the poor nice lady asking me about what kick-ass cream the lovely femme Asian use. I’m pretty sure someone was running a scam on her… That pisses me off even more than everything else, but moving on….

Skin has been a battle for me. I have horribly oily skin which, while resulting in looking 30 at the age of 60, in the meantime sprouts pimples left and right at the simple touch of a hand. Even the most slightest brush, and oogles of pores are drowning in skin oils.

I’ve been a veteran some decades, and here’s what works for me in the end. It may not work for you. But at least I’m not trying to sell you crap.

First step: Clean & Clear Oil-Free Deep Action Cream Cleaner for Sensitive Skin

For dry or wet skin, smooth a fair amount on your skin, then rinse cleanly—it tends to cling, but smoothly so. Every day, once in morning, once in evening. It really removes the oil that’s dribbled into your pores (and which would have resulted into annoying pimples). Feels refreshing, too.

Second Step: If you happen to have a pimple in progress, after the wash above, you want to apply a dab of this to the affected area, round and round, presing lightly, for 30 to 40 seconds, then rinsing thoroughly. And I mean thoroughly. It will discolor towels; part of its components bleach clothes. Keep out of the sun.

Out and About? These wipes are sturdy, moist, and get the job done while killing some of the things that sit on your face and pimple you out, including excess oil. Easy to put in the car.

And that’s about all my secretz.

Not mysterious, but cheap and quite findable.

Hope this helps.