A Knockout Cocktail

Doctor-approved, but so far as I know, just for me. We all react to drugs on slightly different ways. Or more than slightly. Even over time for an individual.

Last night was the first night in a while that I had to rely on this, and I think I’m going home before my usual 9pm call-off to dose myself earlier.

Anyways, it’s 500mg Lamictal, non-generic (don’t try this at home kids! It gave me a nice white streak in my hair, and would make most other people pass out ((Yes, I am that manly. Or am used to the dose.)) and lose hair), a mere 10mg of Ambien, and a really mere 0.25mg Xanax.

A pleasant feelig settles, I use my Kindle’s text to speech on Agony Booth’s Star Trek V recap, and I’m gone for hours.

At the moment, unconscious is the happiest state for me to be in, although I only do this at night.

During the day I work. Not as effective, but OK for all that.