Reasons to Defy Self-Inflicted Existence Failure

1. Roasted Chestnuts

© jwalsh, Creative Commons Attribution License

2. Zoë’s Tale

Zoë's Tale

3. Live-Tweeted Hugo Awards!

© Cory Doctorow, Creative Commons Attribute - Share Alike License

Many thanks to Cheryl Morgan and her live-blogging skills.

You can see the tweets at @TheHugoAwards.

4. Nick Mamatas Went to See G.I. Joe

And… wow, what a bad movie.


What the Hell, Hero?
This Is Your Premise on Drugs
One’s a Plot

6. Agony Booth

The Worst of Trek, in particular.

7. Harry and Silvio

Little characters drawn by Eric Orchard that are cute awesome. This for instance is currently my iPhone wallpaper.