Live-Read-Blog: The Other Lands – Book Two, On Love and Dragons

This is a continuation of Live-Read-Blog: The Other Lands – Book One, The Grey Slopes.

I just finished Book Two. Wow! Total cliffhanger. I’m going to savor that for the night and spin up a new post tomorrow.

There will be spoilers!
You have been warned.

On Love and Dragons

Chapter 19

Barad’s plan is so not going to work, unless Grae charms Corinn’s son Aaden.

Chapter 20

Amused at the method and purpose of “reviving” the horse culture of the Akarans.

“As the queen wishes. The stallions shall stud. The mares shall birth. And the people shall ride.” And the councillors shall scurry about like worker ants.

Chapter 21

Hmm. Not dead. And not a carnivore. Okay, maybe still a carnivore. But at least pretty.

And if you’re uncomfortable with broken bones, first part of the chapter is eeeyaaargh.

Chapter 22

… what curious lands, these Other Lands, are. Ah, Dariel, when are you going to stop being silly….

Chapter 23

“Cutting off fingers is no way to get at truth.” Thank goodness someone said it. And that was Corinn. Much smarter than Cersei.

Delivegu is deluded in more ways than three. Ick.

On the other hand, Rhrenna does seem devoted to Corinn.

Queen first, aunt/sister etc after. Poor Corinn.

Chapter 24

Wow. A lot of Numrek back story here. And oy to the oyth power.

Chapter 25

A girl and her giant flying lizard bird vegetarian creature. I was totally wrong.

Chapter 26

Kelis, Benabe, little Shen (who’s tied somehow to Aliver), and Naamen, he of the stunted forelimb who isn’t bothered by it, camping on the plains. Stories of Elenet (and suddenly I miss Leon telling his children stories).

Eager to return to this thread of story soon.

Chapter 27

Ah, so that’s why the weird body modifications. And the prologue was quite well placed.

Chapter 28-29

…. Maybe Barad’s plan is going to work after all. And Corinn does seem to take the Numrek for granted. Not good.

On the other hand, Mena is here with her dragon that heals like whoa, so there’s an escape route for… somebody. Oy vey.

Chapter 30

Delivegu anti-heroes it up! And he is definitely an anti-hero, as opposed to merely a hero with bad publicity.

Chapter 31

Poor, poor Dariel. And Mór. And everybody of the People in Ushen Brae.

Chapter 32

Horrible thing has happened to Barad. He and Grae have definitely underestimated Corinn. Poor Grae. He probably did want to change the world. Or something.

Chapter 33


Leeka Alain! And Kelis in the same chapter! Two of my favorite characters!!


Chapter 34

I like Rhrenna. Nice to see Sire Dagos so uncomposed. Unfortunately, he’s so panicked by the complete overturning of the world that he’s been stupid. And now lots of people are going to die in the palace.

Hey, what ever happened to all the Mein ancestors?

[to be continued in the next post]