We Are Not Being Grown-Up This Evening

Well, okay. I was grown-up today for most of the day, and it involved mortgages and refinancing. Bleh.

I also participated a bit in Dysfunctional Families Day at Making Light, which was amazingly helpful to me last year, when I had broken down even worse than anything this year. (And if you’ve been following the survivor/ptsd tags on S∂, you know it’s been pretty bad for me). Also a grown-up activity.

Then, for a break, I reverted to my college years, when I just played around with technical stuff, and I got High Slide working on this blog. Not through some wussy direct way, but through a self-install and three other plugins that had multiple usage already. If I weren’t in college mode, I’d pretty much have installed one of these HighSlide plugins, but I think I like my current solution better. It’s stable.

That work was, naturally, for my ten-year-old self, so I could upload a digital archive of the My Style Studio drawings I’ve been making. I do want to buy a book for mounting the actual drawings, but I scanned them in at high res and stored them on my multiple file stores ((Surely Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and my two USB keys can’t all go at the same time. Obviously all set up by my rightfully paranoid college self.)), then resized them to a decent size (800px high) and uploaded them here via NextGen Gallery.

At some point I’ll start reading Speech-less, but I think I’ll start on Design #9, which probably will be a remake of #1 to something… um… saner. ((Oo. At that point, my little traced models on tracing paper will have more personality than the nine in 9!))

Anyways. It’s nice to be ten, playing with the things my adult self bought and things my college self made, living in a house bought by my adult self and made secure by my paranoid, paranoid college self.

Bye for now.