… I Don’t Even Know

Fall is Frenzy Project Season where I work, so when I saw this cover randomly pop up in my RSS feed last week, I thought it was just a joke cover.

Zombie Vampire Bunnies Raccoons Whatever

Apparently it’s not a joke.

John Scalzi and his readers make great fun of this cover, and they should, but somehow I’m not surprised that DAW eventually upended itself in the cover dustbin, for all that it’s an imprint of one of publishing’s big five houses, Penguin.

Scalzi puts it best:

Were I an author in this particular anthology I would be sad I couldn’t show my friends the book I was in without them asking how much it cost me to publish it.

So… who all is in this anthology? I have no idea, and there’s no ToC out there yet, though when I do find out, I’m so posting it here. The thing is a Greenberg, though, so it stands a 50/50 chance of not sucking carrot entirely.

Or something.

ETA: Also see comments on Jeff VanderMeer’s Ecstatic Days.

ETA: I see some people are upset that this cover is being poked at, so here is the awesome Pixelfish’s graphic design critique.