John Ottinger Apologizes

I was being small-minded, petty, cruel and insensitive. I WAS WRONG.

His full apology available either at old Grasping for the Wind site or the new shiny Grasping for the Wind site.

For those wondering what the context of all that is, Shweta outlines and analyzes his previous vitriolic post.

[personal stuff begins below]

ETA: Ah, what the hell. Bygones are bygones, and I’ll get over it. I don’t need nor want anything other than his general apology post. I have work to do.

I wrote a small and quiet and pained and personal response to his previous vitriolic post. I was not analytical, I was more, “Argh, I got kicked in the stomach again over this, and from a source I can’t even understand why he did it, I didn’t expect it, which makes it even worse, I’m shutting down right now.” It didn’t help; the weekend was still bad, although not as bad as the time I posted that non-canon Sherlock Holmes post, but it is one of the reasons I didn’t celebrate my blog’s birthday.

His previous vitriolic post ((I don’t remember its title anymore. Probably for the better.)) hurt me a lot, although I don’t know how much other people ought to care about that kind of thing. I don’t know if he should care, even, nor do I know if he did or not. I am, in many ways, a cowardly bitch who gets hurt easily, and instead of getting mad like she should, simply falls over and cries.

2 thoughts on “John Ottinger Apologizes

  1. I am sorry I hurt you. I read your post about how you felt, and that in a lot of ways convicted me about how wrong I was wrong.

    Please accept my apology.


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