Weirder Things Happen

Weirder than, say, replying to the nurse administering the special pneumonia vaccine that you landed in Seattle without medical records some years ago, and anyways, you have no idea what vaccines you got, because your parents didn’t believe in doctors; and so when you did land in your current state of residence, your doctor gave you everything in their arsenal as of that time, and it was not fun.

Well, they lost the new medical records.

And have no excuse, since I haven’t at all had to flee for my life ((Some people interpret this as me being a teenage runaway. First of all, I don’t think getting away from your parents after four years of graduate school counts as being a “teenage runaway” or even “runaway”; and second of all, the police were helping me, and in one case, a couple of state institutions and a couple of free legal counsel people. I think all that means my fleeings were legit; regardless, I learned painfully in the Midwest that some people believe that anyone who rejects family is lost and a liar.)) for the third time with nothing but a backpack for around half a decade.

So, unless they find the medical records, I have to make another appointment to have it all again, and I really hate needles. They’re trying really hard to figure out if I got the TDaP shot (tetanus, diptheria, and the name for whooping cough that starts with a ‘P’) or not, because it apparently has a once-a-lifetime license, and giving me a second shot would be illegal, and someone is sure to get sued in that case.

I really hope they find the medical records.

I’m okay. I’m okay.

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