If You Ever Wondered…

… how I could ever have had the ridiculous idea that Terry Pratchett is bringing racist attitudes from real life up to the surface in Unseen Academicals, go have a look at item #1 of The 9 Most Racist Disney Characters and compare that to the attitudes of various Discworld characters towards Mister Nutt’s race. The Patrician, the main Downstairs characters, and most likely the Evil Wizard are the only ones who have a clue. Everyone else, including Ponder, Ridcully, the (former) Dean, the rest of the wizards, and the usually esteemed Lady Margolotta, screwed up. But they’re unlikely to realize the fullness of their screwing up. In that way, the ending is actually pretty realistic.

I found that list just now, long after writing my review. But it brings to a fine point what I was trying to say about that.

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