BPA-Free Means Shopping Spree!

I wrote quite a bit about BPA just now, and decided to put it up as its own page rather than a post.

So, as I contemplate BPA items in my kitchen, it’s both depressing and uplifting, because now I can move stuff out of cabinets and shop with an excuse.

Here’s BPA stuff unfortunately stocked in my kitchen.

Rubbermaid™ Premier

Sigh. I bought two 20-piece sets because I liked the “almost glass, less breakable” quality of polycarbonate.

Replacing with: Lock&Lock™. I’ve decided that “watertight” is much more important than “doesn’t stain with tomatoes.”

Will use for: around the house, putting non-food items in. Gods know that I can always find a use for containers.

Polycarbonate “Glass” Ware

Two brands, and most of my tumblers are this.

Replacing with: actual glassware. This is actually a good step up even without BPA. I kind of bought them on clearance as an automatic reaction to living on the poverty line for a long, long time.

Will use for: I don’t know, what use are tumblers that won’t hold drinkable liquids when you aren’t a painter?

Melamine Ware

Not really related to BPA, but it’s kind of hard to use dishes that can’t be heated in a microwave or oven, and most of them can’t be washed in a dishwasher. Also an automatic I-lived-in-poverty buy.

Replacing with: CorningWare™ and Pyrex™. Like moving to glass tumblers, also a really good step up in general.

Will use for: I really don’t know… probably the bowls can hold wrapped candy, but I don’t eat candy (not because of dieting, because it makes me ill).


It kind of gives me a lot of gas anyways, but ye gods, I am sad.

Replacing with: plastic bottles (they aren’t polycarbonate) and tea.

Will use for: um.

Canned Food

All of mine have BPA in the lining.

Replacing with: the few brands that don’t have BPA, which means I won’t be easily making tomato-anything anytime soon, unless it’s from fresh tomatoes—an interesting challenge!

Will use for: I don’t really feel like donating these. So. Um.

Oster™ 5712 Food Steamer

I’m going to use the steaming pans that come with my Zojirushi™ non-fuzzy-logic rice cookers. I still get the automatic capability with some warming, though I don’t get timing—unless I find a kitchen timer that will turn off an electrical appliance after a period of time.

Some Sanyo™ rice cookers come with double-tier steaming equipment, which is an interesting possibility if one of the Zojirushi™ guys die a painful death, which won’t be for another five years or so, at least.

Will use for: Um.

Cuisinart™ Food Processor

Actually, I’ve always hated this one even before all the BPA stuff starting in 2008. I never use hot food in it, so don’t really care in that way.

This was kind of a rebound-from-poverty buy, in that I’d always heard that Cuisinart™ was awesome and I thought I’d of course fall in love with it, but mostly any food processing with it has been angry and not at all hot food processing.

I figure I got a crappy model, is all, really.

Replacing with: Hamilton Beach™ 70670 Chef Prep

Will use for: Um. A very dangerous doorstop, possibly.

Braun™ Mutliquick Immersion Blender

Actually, I think I’ll just use the immersion blender (no BPA itself) and not the clear plastic container bits (BPA, baby). I haven’t used the choppers much.

The only other immersion blender without BPA in its clear plastic containers is the Bosch Mixxo, which uses styrene instead.

Styrene is a carcinogen.

Do not want.

2 thoughts on “BPA-Free Means Shopping Spree!

  1. Regarding the “glass” ware… great for holding pens, pencils, markers, scissors and anything else that would wind up in my coffee/tea mugs if I didn’t watch my husband like a hawk.

    Melamine ware… bowls are nice for holding potpourri; plates can go under potted plants to catch water (unless you have a black thumb like I do).

  2. Kelly, those are excellent ideas. Thanks!

    And I think I’ve a black thumb, but that was some years ago. Maybe I’ve gotten better, but it would be nice to try some decorative plants in the house.

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