Any Effing Thing and Go Bento

Literally. Only breakfast. Have to head out into 5:30am traffic now. ETA to office: 2.5 effing hours.

Notes on Contents, Post-Effing-Meeting:

  • two mandarin oranges, peeled and put into square Wilson silicon baking cups to separate them from the…
  • apple slices (Fuji, which I’m sick of by now by the way, later this week I’ll start on Gala apples)
  • sliced boiled egg with pepper and salt (the best way to put it in the box)
  • “Explosive Pizza” goldfish crackers, which go really, really well with apples, even if you’re tired of apples.

Maybe I should add some Asian pears or something instead.

By the way, during the meeting I turned over my Ziploc divided container thingy and saw that each compartment had a marking of how much it held! Very nice: large is 2 3/4 cups (which is a bit big for me, but roomy for fruit and sandwiches), the next is 3/4 cup, and the smallest is 1/2 cup. In ounces and milliliters as well: 22 oz, 6 oz, 4 oz; or 650 ml, 175 ml, 100 ml.

To give the meeting credit, that wasn’t the only interesting part of the meeting, but it was damn close.