Bento for 2009-12-11

So, my mouth is very soft, okay? It gets badly cut up by crackers, chips, and French bread. Naturally these are all things I love.

Unfortunately, due to some accident involving crackers, or maybe chips, and an infection, I am on softer food. Even soft bread is too stiff for some reason, something to do with starches. Good thing I’ve got vegan pate and meatloaf.

Breakfast: a rolled omelet with green onions, which was easier to make than I thought it would be; McIntosh applesauce sans muesli; cashews for snacking on (it’s a softer nut than peanuts, and I also left them untoasted, sigh); and peeled mandarin slices.

Maybe I’ll toast some cashews and see if they’re soft enough still, but argh.

Still, a good breakfast.

Lunch: steamed gyoza dumplings with plum sauce for dipping; vegan meatloaf slice with parsley garnish that of course never gets eaten; very sweet white corn (no butter, I just microwaved the frozen kernals in the morning); Winesap applesauce. One of the more satisfying lunches I’ve had.

Next week: figure out what goes with pate instead of bread.

Stupid soft mouth….

4 thoughts on “Bento for 2009-12-11

  1. Hullo Robert! :D

    About the comment length, it’s probably some kind of default setting on the anti-spam plugin I have. (WP-SpamFree, works well in general.)

  2. it makes me so happy to see single-variety applesauces appreciated & used for different purposes. I picked apples for an organic farmer one time & he paid me in cider apples. The way he put them together was like perfume – a base, top note, something sweet for one batch we wanted to go hard…

    I stayed up too late & now i want to go dig some gyoza out of the freezer for second dinner.

  3. I never knew about the different kinds of apples before, so this is an awesome exploration for me :D

    I spent some time absolutely fascinated by Wikipedia’s Apple Cultivars page.

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