Bento for 2009-12-14

I finally found a replacement for bread with respect to vegan pate! (I still have the mouth problem that’s keeping bread and, I guess, tougher starches in general off the menu.)

Breakfast: omelette with green onions, the almost last of the McIntosh applesauce, mandarin slices, and toasted (well… burnt, on places) cashews. Toasted nuts are awesome, definitely cashews benefit.

Breakfast bentos are surprisingly fun to assemble for some reason. Next time is gonna be breakfast links for sure.

Lunch: simplest rice pancakes ever (I suspect they look a little like latkes), cubed very squishy ripe pear, vegan pate overlaid with sliced boiled egg, and the absolute last of the McIntosh applesauce (the Winesap having been devoured over the weekend).

Note to self: I bought the Bento Buddies add-on, and I should have used the extra covered container for the pears. The rice pancakes were still okay, but slightly fruity and not as sharp as they usually are.

I have little menus drawn up for the next bentos (which aren’t tomorrow, since tomorrow… well… will be busy with doctors). I knew there was a good use for the magnetic dry-erase board.