Spot No Can Has (and Looking Forwards)

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Last post before the New Year (at least, by Pacific Standard).

I have no good resolutions other than to keep on trucking.

And to make sure I have more time to admire the president’s abs ((Love him or hate him, I think we can all agree that Bush’s abs are probably not like his.)) review more SF&F and write more about Sherlock Holmes.

And, apparently, listen to more Beatles. For some reason, they anchor me to the present, even though they made it over 50 years ago.

And also finish trying to perfect a serial reboot. I’m not sure the original readers (the few of them) will like what I did, but you know, the writing did help ease the pain.

And, to my cherished beloved ((And you can buy a Kindle worldwide now! Awesome!))

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and to all of you, a happy New Year.