Links for 2010 Feb 1

Glenn Greenwald: Susan Collins spreads central myth about the Constitution. In other words, yes, non-Americans are indeed protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Bad Astronomy: President Obama’s NASA budget unveiled. We probably won’t miss Constellation all that much, but there are other things we probably will.

James Fallows: Why bipartisanship can’t work. “The drawbacks of a parliamentary system… without any of the advantages.”

Justin Kaufman’s Campaign Ad Film Reviews – Installments 1, 2, 3, and 4

Andrew Sullivan: Ronald Reagan, Leftist. No, Reagan is not being argued as Liberal All Along. Well. Not in the usual way.’s Curiosities: Awesome Elevator Ads

/Film: Orange/Blue Contrast in Movie Posters. Warning: you cannot unsee this. However, of the things that you can’t unsee, this is probably one of the preferable ones.

US Baptists Knew Taking Children Out of Haiti Was Wrong. WTF.

Roger Ebert: How to Read a Movie. An older blog entry of his. His (@ebertchicago) is the only Twitter stream I read via RSS.