A Story With a Dark Twist: Shadow Unit Season 2 Episodes

These are just all the episodes, including the Christmas Special; all the other specials will be coming in their own pack, maybe next week, because I need to turn my attention to tea tasting now.

Shadow Unit Season 2

This batch, unlike Season 1, is done with the New and Improved S∂ Method for Constructing Ebooks, which is quite fast and reliable, except that I end up having to correct a lot of HTML because Adobe Digital Editions is very fussy. If I tune my scripts better, it’ll be faster, but I’ve been a bit lazy (which of course, ends up with more work…).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy them. I don’t know when Season 3 will start, but it’d be nice if I tuned my scripts before then….

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  1. Saw your link to this on Scalzi’s open pimp thread just after reading Elizabeth Bear’s guest blog at Charles Stross’ site, good timing. Got it on Stanza on the iPhone already, thanks for the conversion!

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