Ticinus River: Respect the Ponies

“Hah! The Carthaginian cavalry! What can they do to” [dies]
       — Publius Scipio, lately lamented Roman general in this game

Ticinus River is a little skirmish—well, not to the Romans, I suppose—next to the Ticinus River, but all the river does is run along one side, not trapping anyone on the other side of it. Although don’t underestimate terrain on the edges of the board; in the game of the battle of Crimissos River, Timoleon only managed to not get killed by Carthaginian’s Sacred Band because his unit could get to the hills (representing bluffs) on the far edge of the board.

Anyways, returning to the Ticinus, basically it was a very one-sided battle. Publius Scipio underestimated the Carthaginian cavalry and marched straight into their red-squared horses (the heavy horses, who hit with 4 dice instead of 2 for the Roman light foot) and got out-flanked by the green-circle horses (light cavalry, who run very fast) on either side with good leaders (Maharbal ((I know, sounds like something cats hock up.)) and Mago). The scenario claims Hasdrubal was in the thick of the battle, charging with the heavy cavalry, and managing not to die, or even get all that close to dying. However, the war council leader is listed as Hannibal, and seeing as “Hasdrubal” was competent, I’m inclined to believe the scenario is mistaken and that was really Hannibal.

Scipio did have medium cavalry, but not enough leadership (actually, more like almost not any; he was the only Roman leader on the field) in either flank to make up against the light cavalry coming straight at him. The Carthaginian side quickly got to their six flags, and the Romans only managed to get one.

It was all over very quickly. In the game, Scipio almost escaped. Almost.

In history, Scipio was able to return, wounded. He attempted to warn the other Roman leaders about what had happened. This did not go over well.

“Hah! You pansy, you got beaten by a bunch of ponies!”
“But… no… you don’t understand… red ponies, green ponies!… so horrible… ” [dies]

Actually, in history Scipio managed to survive and eventually steal some green ponies of his own. Meanwhile, the Romans did not learn to respect the ponies, much to their grief, which they apparently did not learn from until Scipio came back.