All Onigiri Home Bentos

I went into work yesterday and got sicker today as a result. Sigh. So this morning I cooked two cups of rice and made onigiri for breakfast and lunch. And possibly dinner.

But I got to do a little shopping in Seattle (for there aren’t any decent Asian groceries on the island)….

Yeah, baby! Furikake! That’s what I’m taking about! (Preserved bits of shrimp or salmon or egg mixed with salt and nori, goes a treat with the moistness of rice.) I ended up using twice the amount shown above.

You can mix in furikake (my favorite), roll a formed rice ball in it (certainly makes them less sticky on the outside), or use furikake as a filling.

Here’s my second-favorite rice ball mold, which makes three large cylinders all at once. ‘Tis awesome.

There are two “levers” at the sides of the mold (the pink tabs). After you fill and press the top of the mold down, you then press down on these tabs to help release the top of the mold again. Very nice!

Tada! And they’re actually pretty well separated into three rolls, too. Just remember not to pack the rice in too tightly into the mold, just fill it—the mold top will press the rice properly.

Then wrap in nori sheets! I’m so bad at wrapping things in nori. Even if the sheets of nori have perforations so that you can measure out appropriate widths for wrapping rice balls….

These two rice balls have tamago furikake in them (egg). The above rolls have ebi (shrimp) and salmon. On the left is my very bad nori wrapping.

I thought that the peanut butter onigiri yesterday were pretty good, so I did two more today. I didn’t wrap them in nori, however, because I don’t think roasted seaweed would go well with peanut butter. But I could be wrong. Nevertheless, I have one for breakfast, and one wrapped in plastic for later today.

I’m not putting this stuff in the fridge; I put the ones for lunch into a plastic container after letting them cool down so that condensation doesn’t form inside the container when I put the lid on. Standard obento procedure.

It’s so nice to get lunch out of the way, because I am so tired….

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  1. I’ve never made onigiri with anything but raw tuna and cream cheese, do you have to do anything special when you make it with peanut butter? Like fry it or something?

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