Instead of Spinrad

There have been several more responses to Spinrad’s screed, in addition to Nick Mamatas’ at Haikasoru and Jason Sanford’s initial rant:

And Rose Fox’s post also has a link to Nisi Shawl’s Appropriate Cultural Appropriation, which is light years ahead of anything Spinrad has to say. I wish I had known about it, say, a year ago.

You should really read that instead of Spinrad.

I’m currently popping the Internet popcorn for tomorrow. Sadly popcorn is a bit too expansive for bento boxes. There has been a lot of fuming on Twitter and on comments to currently existing blog responses to Spinrad, and it will almost certainly explode over the next few days.

And, Norman Spinrad?

7 thoughts on “Instead of Spinrad

  1. Rose Fox,

    Mary Anne Mohanraj’s posts at Whatever should definitely should be read instead of Spinrad.

    I’ve not yet read Writing the Other, but now want to, thanks to your post.

  2. I think I’ve managed to miss the people using it as an opportunity to promote other white writers they think did it better. That may just be down to my friends list not linking to them though.

  3. Polenth,

    I know it’s been happening in comment threads for some of the blog posts—in particular, Jason Sanford’s, Nick Mamatas’, and Charles Tan’s.

    It may also be happening on Facebook, but I don’t have a Facebook account, so I do not know.

  4. That might explain it. Those posts were either new and commentless, or only had a couple, when I read them. I’ll wander back for a read.

  5. *tries not to ~facepalm~ too much…*

    *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*

    *goes off to find Benjamin Sisko material to make image macros*

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