Feeling Better, But Not Really

I went to see Overreactive Doctor, who said I had a small ear infection, maybe, and WE SHOULD TRY ANTIBIOTICS RIGHT NOW!

Ah… no, not yet. I’m out of breath, we’ve determined it’s neither bronchitis nor pneumonia, and maybe we should wait.

So we wait for Monday, or sommat. I’m still sick and mostly the problem is that I’m out of breath almost all the time. If I could be constantly hooked to my inhaler I would. They gave me a nebulizer treatment at the clinic, and it helped a lot (and even restored color to my cheeks, apparently), and it has helped a lot. It’ll probably go away later this evening.

In the meantime I’m thinking about either sleep or work. Probably sleep first, then work. Or it might be sleep all evening. Only my body knows at this point.

I hope it’s happy I’ve seen the doctor and we’re not dying.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Better, But Not Really

  1. I understand your reluctance to take antibiotics.

    But I did not know I had an ear infection, having never had one as an adult, and only ever having one in my life.

    I lost 30% of my hearing, and my balance has been permanently damaged.

    So please be careful. You’re important.

  2. Well, I would have gone with the antibiotics if I had had a fever, ear pain, problems hearing, or weird crap draining out of my ears (eyuck). But none of them have happened.

    Still, I will keep an eye (or an ear?) on it.

  3. Oh! I forgot to say on the previous post – have you tried elevating the head of your bed a little, or sleeping w/a wedge so your upper body is a little elevated?

    That might help the underlying hard-to-breathe feeling enough to make your dreams better. It’s one of the things we do for my little guy when he gets phlegmy and wakes up a lot.

    I hope you have good dreams tonight. Or none.

  4. I do stack my pillows up, but hadn’t thought of a bed wedge—before I was sick, I was fine sleeping with just one pillow and kind of forgot about the times when I do need the elevation.

    Oh look, Amazon has some bed wedges!… I should get one before I forget.

    Thank you for the recommendation. I didn’t really mind last night’s dream… too too much. It didn’t involve my parents, it was a sort of normal weird dream that got bad at the end. It’s all kind of relative, I suppose…. But no dreams would be much better. Time travel to the future, or at least the next morning! Without all this weird existential crap.

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