Bed Wedges Are Awesome

For the past several years, on an on-and-off basis, I’ve had breathing problems where I need to have my upper body elevated while I attempt to sleep, usually poorly. In the past I’ve done the stacking-two-pillows thing (bad neck issues usually result), or sitting up against the headboard (the problem is that it’s too straight, so my lower back suffers when my body inevitably slips downwards).

A gentle incline is needed, but the last time I had that was when I ended up in the hospital. ((Pneumonia. It was an especially bad flu season.)) I didn’t know very much about bed wedges, so never tried to get one, until Rosa recommended one to me.

And because of course Amazon sells a lot of things, and one of the things they sell is this:

Duro-Med Bed Wedge, 12″ x 24″ x 24″

I decided to get one from them. This product is “Fulfilled by Amazon”, and I have a Prime Membership, but I had decided to buy one very late in the week—a little too late for 2-day shipping (free) or even 1-day ($3.99 per item) to arrive before next week. But it was not too late for Saturday 1-day ($6.99 per item).

And seeing as I’ve been really breathing badly the past few days, I was very willing to pay the $6.99. And I really did get it on Saturday, so all good.

And man, it’s awesome.

You can set it up so that it’s very tall, and sit against it; or you can set it down so that it’s very long and gently inclined, and lie on it, and it’s very wonderful. However, the thing is indeed firm, a bit like a very light rock. But it’s about as wide as the average pillow, and two such pillows will cover it nicely, with a little bit of overlay at the top. I have feather pillows, so this set-up is incredibly nice—the soft top over a really, really firm incline. I don’t have back problems with this thing.

And with this wedge, I’ve been able to fall asleep without Ambien. I can even doze off in the afternoon or morning, and I haven’t been able to do that before. All in all, I’ve had about four sleeping periods on the thing. What dreams come are pleasant, if weird, not unpleasant and all sorts of wrong. That could always change, of course.

Anyways, I love my bed wedge, and wonder how I’ll ever survive at hotels without it. Not that I’m traveling this year (woe) for I’ve been too ill too often. But next year.

*hugs the wedge*
*the wedge does NOT hug back because it’s like a block of wood*
*puts pillows on the wedge and hugs the result*
*slight hug back from pillow-covered wedge*

G’night. Even if it still feels like 6pm or something, I don’t know, daylight savings time really horks me up.

3 thoughts on “Bed Wedges Are Awesome

  1. I have one of those memory foam contour pillows, which is smaller than a wedge, but larger than a regular pillow. It is a pain in the butt to pack along on all my trips, but I do it anyway. Any morning I wake up without pain and the ability to move my neck is a good morning… and worth the hassle of packing the special pillow!

  2. :D

    I had never realized before how much normal pillows can suck.

    I’m probably going to have to check in luggage the next time I travel. This thing is large but oh man it’s so worth it.

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