Flagstaff, AZ: one of the few places in the US where you can wander onto a random hilltop not far from town and see this.

The picture at Astronomy Picture of the Day is from April 16, 2008 and they have the full-size picture, which is huge.

So… yes. The sky really does look like that. Wow.

It would be so weird to be able to see that from my window. And also kind of scary. Certainly such a view would make me think about space more. When I see these pictures, I tend to think of scenes in various SF books I read, and understand them rather more. I have to admit that most of the pictures in my head come from The Last Colony at the moment, because the main characters actually do some star gazing. As opposed to running from lasers and fighting aliens and having political curb stomps and so on, which feels like most of SF (and also the rest of the book).

I found one very screamy site that is furious the night sky is not visible like this. I’m not sure that vandalism is really the way to go to reduce light pollution.

One thought on “OMG STARS

  1. I wish we could institute some of Flagstaff’s light-pollution laws here. And, well, everywhere.

    I grew up in asmall town where if you go out to the edge of town (between the last church and the interstate) you can see lots and lots and lots of stars. Or the yard light from a farm 2 miles away. But even there, in town most of the houses have really bright “security” lights that make it unpleasant to walk around at night…they are supposed to make things safer, but they just make everyone close their blinds and kill my light-adjustment so I can’t see anything outside the range of the light.

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