Someday Publishers Will Send eARCs

… and I will stop losing the race to post reviews for new books.

I’m a little frustrated, as this keeps happening, and I am tired of it.

However, I did manage to get an eARC and call dibs for the next Laundry series book, so I’m not totally blocked from new book reviews on But I think that’s the last one I’ll be able to do, until eARCs actually become common.

Until then, I’m going to go back to reviewing the back listed books.

ETA: I’m aware that this little entry has large elements of BAAAAAAWWWWWW. Yes, I need to grow up and am an idiot.

5 thoughts on “Someday Publishers Will Send eARCs

  1. Not in the Science Fiction and Fantasy world, I’m afraid. Romance I think is way more with the digital times.

  2. Whereas last time I was at BEA, the majority of publishers were giving out e-galleys. With expiration dates. Which only worked with Adobe editions. Which would not work on my Mac. Which required my using partner’s eee. Which resulted in my loading one, saying what a PIA it was, and throwing the rest of the e-galleys away without reviewing or recommending them.

    I’ll stick with physical ARCs from now on.

  3. Orbit did a test-run with eARCs are few months ago–I didn’t participate because I don’t have an e-reader (right now–I am looking at possibly getting a Nook in a few months), so I don’t know how it went and if they’re going to have them in the future (their parent company–Little, Brown–is listed on NetGalley but I can’t get their page to load).

    I think romance publishers are more with-it than SF/F publishers because romance readers are voracious and vocal readers–I wouldn’t be surprised if most of the e-readers sold were sold to romance readers. I can barely manage 5-6 reviews an issue and there are romance reviewers who do 20 or more. (Oh, right, I should explain: I review SF/F for Romantic Times.)

    I talked to someone at one of the big publishing houses a few weeks ago about this very issue and was told that they had no plans for eARCs any time soon. I think there is a concern around pirated electronic copies making their way around the internets prior to publication and the potential for that to erode sales. I don’t know how valid that concern actually is, but I do think publishers are going to have to solve the eARC issue sooner rather than later.

  4. G,

    Good point. I should qualify this with “works on a goddamn real ereader, which is not Adobe Digital Editions.”

    Natalie L.,

    I hope Orbit extends the program.

    I’m reminded that the Angry Robot Books imprint makes eARCs available in multiple formats to their Angry Robot Army of reviewers. I hope it’s working out for them.

    I sincerely regret not keeping up and should look into remedying this post-haste.

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