Look, It’s Not a Good Idea to Claim You Own My Blog, Okay?

Someone decided to list my site under their blogs on a site profile somewhere. Actually, that somewhere is a Technorati wanna-be, but if they want to be one, they really ought to add a verification method like Technorati does. (Here is a random example I pulled from Google.)

This is kind of dumb in many ways, not the least of which is that you can visit my About/Who page and find out that she and I don’t share names, or even my Contact page to discover, whoah, that email doesn’t even look slightly like it would be owned by someone under her name.

The dumbest and also most dangerous aspect is this: I have murderous stalker insane parents who can still conceivably show up and kill me on my doorstep one day over the next 30 years or so.

I imagine her levels of identity hiding are less than mine. Certainly her paranoia is much less.

While it is nice to suddenly have an extra fake shield identity (even if I don’t control it), well, I’m just a nice person and think this is really an unwise course for her to take.

Of course, I am paranoid.