You Know the Rules, and So Do I

In regards to my post about The Beekeeper’s Apprentice and the Sherlock Holmes sequel… it was a RickRoll for April Fools day.

(I know I got at least ONE person! ETA: I’ve never had someone cuss at me for rickrolling them before. I love firsts!)

I actually do love Rick Astley songs. Especially “Never Gonna Give You Up”, although for April 1st I tend to think along these lyrics instead of the normal ones:

We’re no strangers to 4/1.
You know the rules,
And so do I.
Playing pranks is what I’m thinking of,
And you’ll get this from every other site.

I just want to play with your feelings,
Gotta make you understand:
I’m gonna kid you up,
I’m gonna let you down,
I’m gonna run around,
And joke with you.
I’m gonna make you sigh,
I’m gonna say goodbye,
I’m gonna tell a lie,
And desert you.

It was a fun post to write.

Of course, it might come to pass, so it might actually be a prophetic April Fools joke after all….

2 thoughts on “You Know the Rules, and So Do I

  1. Hey now, I didn’t cuss at you, I merely made indiscriminate rage sounds. And they were caused by me, the great Rickroller of Tordot, getting Rickroll’d myself. *sigh*

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