I’ll Be in My Bunker

Not a response essay; just a declaration of personal FTS.

Part 1, the non-personal:

First, here: No Foreigners Allowed by Charles Tan. This is a tone argument. It’s an extended tone argument, but in the end, it’s a tone argument. Also, the examples cited make me cringe.

Second, here: An Open Letter to Charles Tan by Deepa D. I agree with her. Doesn’t mean that I hate Charles—just that I disagree with him.

Part 2, the personal:

Third, here: Oh No, Mammoth Books of X, No by me. Some people consider this to be a horribly angry post, and thus on the “bad tone” side, even though it’s one of disappointment and sadness. Apparently voicing disappointment, no matter how quietly, at all is a bad tone to some people. I’m not saying that Charles thinks that about this piece, but for some people, using the tone argument against this would be valid.

Fourth, here: A Funny Thing Happened to Me at the Grocery Store the Other Day by me. Yes, internalized racism exists, and thus, it wouldn’t be a good idea to use Charles’ race in support of or against any argument. ETA: No, I don’t think he has internalized racism.

Fifth: yes, I like Charles. I still think his argument needs some re-thinking.

Sixth: When I talked about the Mammoth Books, I did indeed get attacked directly by someone outside of the comments. I don’t want to talk about it, because it ended up triggering my PTSD, and I’m pretty sure revisiting it will do so again. Which I know looks “fake” to some people, but you know: triggers are fucking stupid that way.

I’ll be in my bunker with my tea and my Xanax.

Turning off comments on this post, because putting my hand in a blender is the last thing I want to do right now.