For Various Reasons

… I am on low SAN today. Actually, I’ve been on wavering SAN all week.

Hm, I forgot what I was going to write briefly. Oh yes.

Thank you, John Scalzi, for briefly alleviating the madness via pointing out new Fandom Wank when I’d forgotten for the week.

ETA: Other good reading: Kate Nepveu’s Open Letter.

I’m blanking a bit now on everything except for tea and the idea of Obin slashfic. You see, the Obin are a sentient race without consciousness (self-awareness). They did get some adaptive tech to give them consciousness, but they can get emotionally overloaded easily. (I find it interesting that they have individual personalities when conscious, even though most of them have lived their lives without any.)

So. You know. I’m pretty sure that sex as a sentient but non-self-aware being is pretty different from having it for the first time with the consciousness switched on. Although I’m sure for many of them, the idea of sex might overload their consciousness tech a little bit, and the actual act might blow a fuse.

Unlike other sentient races, the Obin can also switch their consciousness off without resorting to alcohol. There are definitely possibilities.

Sadly, I do not write slashfic very well. So Hickory/Dickory will not be written by me. Woe.

On the other hand, I feel a lot better about the fiction I am working on. Perhaps I will work on it some more when my current SAN-draining adventure is abated, or SAN reaches negative levels and I’m insane.

4 thoughts on “For Various Reasons

  1. Fade,

    Heh. :)

    At some point Zoë is going to have sexual relations with somebody. What happens then? That’s my “what if” when I think about Hickory/Dickory.

    I don’t know what the Obin race thought when Zoë went through menarche, but I’m sure some of their budding philosophers (not mentioned anywhere in the canon, I think, but by now there must be) have been coming up with theories ever since.

    I just love the Obin so much.

  2. Paul,


    And the funny part is that while I can write Hickory/Dickory, it would even necessarily be the Hickory/Dickory.

    Or I could play it extra safe and have mental leeway to be extra crazy with Ran, Up, The, and Clock.

    Would Obin get frisky and experiment after getting used to consciousness? I’ve not even thought that far. (I’m sure the low sanity right now has something to do with that.)

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