The Boring, Terrifying Slog Through the Dungeon

Every bad D&D dungeon expedition has this phase near the end where you do nothing but kill things in a straightforward manner. No strategy, no finding special corners or ledges of the room to execute attacks from, no weaknesses in the nondescript enemy, no cover, nothing that allows you to use items you found earlier; just blind, blind fireballs and ax-hacking and barbarian smashing for hours on end.

Speaking of my PTSD, we are there. We have been for the last couple days on Life is Like a Bad RPG, ever since “Nightmares eat you” started. I have never logged my individual PTSD-ridden days before; I have simply summed up, say, a day and then added the exercise of extrapolating that for the duration. Now readers of the Tumblr can be boringly horrified along with me, I suppose, which is why I started the Tumblr separately: because I didn’t want to bog S∂ down with what I suspected would become dungeon grinding. And it did.

Anyways, even the best of fiction about PTSD sufferers living their lives as best they can fast-forward through this stage, because it tends to be fucking boring and morale destroying (exciting and morale destroying would be different). The mediocre and bad ones do not even mention this phase.

Anyways anyways, at the moment I have to get to Seattle without crashing into things, because it’s my first bartender appointment since over three months ago or something. Gods.

4 thoughts on “The Boring, Terrifying Slog Through the Dungeon

  1. I hesitate to say I’m enjoying your Tumblr blog, but I have a friend who we all used to call the worst DM evar … and this reminds me of everything he used to do in his games. Horrified and nostalgic? Can those two co-exist??

    • Definitely those two can co-exist :) I’m glad you and others are enjoying the Tumblr.

      My humor runs very dark with respect to my PTSD, and unlike others perhaps, I can joke about it. (Indeed, in the past that’s gotten me into trouble.)

  2. I wish I could help. I hope things go better for you soon.

    If ‘nightmares eat you’ refers to literal nightmares, and since you say that changing your position by sleeping on the wedge helps … have you ever tried sleeping in a Yucatan-style hammock? That’s the kind made of thin thread with no spreaders: even lying on the diagonal your body is a bit curved, and if you lie straight along it you’re quite curved. Certainly a different set of sense-memories from sleeping in a bed.

  3. Wogglebug,

    Thank you!

    Yah, it is literal nightmares. I think my problem is that I slide off the wedge gradually over the night, and when I wake up in the morning with the nightmares I’ve generally slid all the way down.

    I’ve never tried sleeping in a Yucatan hammock. Hm. So that’s what those things were (there’s a yearly sort of island festival where crafts and things are displayed, and I remember one year there were these hammocks…). I remember really enjoying lounging in one of them.

    I do not know where I would hang up my hammock, though.

    Perhaps I need to get a block for my knees. Maybe it will keep me on the wedge (and I do like my knees elevated).

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