Here a Trigger, There a Trigger

Yeah, okay. This is stupid. But apparently I trigger on individual words. “I must disabuse you of this notion” does not mean “I must abuse you” in any sense whatsoever, but argh, my brain is stupid and so am I.


2 thoughts on “Here a Trigger, There a Trigger

  1. That’s not really surprising. Registering individual words independently of the sentence’s meaning is a known Thing That Brains Do; that’s why experts recommend saying “Remember to bring your lunch” instead of “Don’t forget your lunch”. “Don’t forget” does help, but “remember” helps more because it does not suggest the prospect of forgetting.

    It’s also why, for example, one time I was tired and slightly hungry and reading a novel where the hero went into the coffee-room (coffeecake, whispered my brain) and sat down at a friend’s table. While they talked the friend offered him coffee (coffeecake, whispered my brain) and himself sipped some coffee (coffeecake) and our hero looked around the coffee-room (coffeecake) …until finally I just had to get up and look up coffeecake recipes. Suggestion: it can affect us all.

    So it’s not just you, it’s human wiring.

  2. … I want coffeecake now. I will have to settle for noodles. :D

    Hm, I didn’t know about the remember-versus-don’t-forget. That explains an awful lot. Heck, it even explains why certain kinds of variable and method naming in programming are better than others.

    Thank you for the comments, by the way. I appreciate them very much.

    *snuggles Overcow*

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