Day 10 with the Overherd

Not much to report. I got almost zero sleep due to being sick (and pretty much in the English sense of the word). Still am queasy, so I’ve not been eating (or drinking tea). Given that Mother’s Day was preceded by episodes of vomiting and nausea, I’m sure this is just Father’s Day ramping up.

I did drowse off after England versus USA, and had a nightmare about losing my car (well, I’d for some reason bought a new one, a strange pearl green Honda something). It was a seriously weird dream, yo. It involved a Bizarro version of Team TGWTG who could bend reality and had a car amusement park ride (kind of like if you could drive onto Space Mountain) that blended anime and was just fucked up weird.

During this dream I also knew that a set of stairs would present two different realities, one randomly chosen each time you went down the stairs and went back up them again. Repeat while trying to find out where your car is.

I dislike my bizarro nightmares, but my parents were not involved, even though this kind of dream situation is usually a trap for me. Likely I didn’t stay asleep long enough to reach the point where it eventually did.

I haven’t been sleeping with any of the Overherd in my arms because I’m afraid I’ll throw up on them. Yes, I know I can wash them… but still. :(

Right now, I feel much better, and worry a little less, but I still worry. Perhaps during these times I should try hanging onto Cozy Cow, as ze seems more washable than the other two. I don’t know. :/